52nd Reunion Photos/Recap

Take aways from CHS #52 event in the quaint town of Leesburg VA.

First, I want to thank everyone that was able to participate. From the informal feedback received it was a phenomenal event full of love and Joy.  

I also want to praise the work, energy, and resources the Planning Committee (Deb Hannon, Angie and Dave Neel, Tom Urman, Pat Hankins Fink and Mike Parvis put into making this run as smoothly as it did.

The Delirium Café welcomed us Tuesday afternoon with a Belgian Theme of great drinks, interesting food options and pink elephants.

Wednesday morning the skies cleared, and several of us checked in at Raspberry Plains golf resort. Perfect weather and even better personalities in our class made for a most enjoyable golf outing. 

The party continued at the Leesburg Public House which offered a beautiful setting of reclaimed woods, antique and local art. The owners Mark and Kim helped us celebrate a great 70th birthday in our own space in the restaurant. Deb Hannon brought in a beautiful birthday sheet cake that made the evening so sweet, memorable, and delicious.  

Thursday morning welcomed us with more sunshine and a scrumptious brunch at Shoe’s Cup and Cork. If you get to Leesburg, I highly recommend it. We dined in their secret garden area in the rear outside of the restaurant. It was spacious and nicely decorated.


That time passed quickly, and the Three Creeks Winery was expecting our arrival. We started with an excellent tasting in their elegant tasting area, and then spent the rest of the hours snacking and sipping wine by the shady creek side overlooking rolling hills, and expansive vineyards. The weather was exceptional. We couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed, and we needed to get ready for our culminating gathering.

Firebirds Happy Hour and dining offered us outdoor seating, but the group chose to enjoy the indoor atmosphere. I understand the restaurant’s popularity as the food choices for happy hour and menu options are palatable. The largest group so far celebrated in the liveliness of the Firebird décor. The restaurant was abuzz. An exquisitely made lemon flavored sheet cake with butter creme icing was offered as dessert (brought in by Deb). Decorated with a Cavalier decal, it finished the evening off in great fashion. Not a piece was left.  

With departing hugs and affections, the celebration ended. Talk of continuing the gatherings transpired. There were discussions of pool parties, lunch and informal get togethers throughout the remainder of this year and next. For most of us, next year, the Class of ‘71 turns 71. I hope we do not just fade away quietly. That is not the group I remember from 1969-71. I hope that classmates that have been unavailable make a comeback, and the folks who have been participating keep up a strong presence.  

Thanks again classmates and friends, GOD bless you all.
Have a wonderful remainder of 2023.
Happy 70th, and I look forward to seeing many of you again soon. 
Enjoy the pics from the event.

Doug and your Reunion Committee 

Tuesday-Delirium Cafe
6 Photos  10/13/23
Wednesday-Public House
7 Photos  10/3/23
22 Photos  10/6/23