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09/20/21 03:32 PM #96    

Debra Brown (Cannon)

As a front line provider still I was unable to attend. Prayed for event to be a blessing for all who attended. Dr. Deb Brown Cannon



09/20/21 11:50 PM #97    


Linda Mott-Smith

OMG I had an amazing experience for my first ever reunion! Pat, Doug and Jeff Loren made my trip from MVY to DCA and on to Annapolis and back to DCA a magic carpet ride of memories. Doug Loren offered to meet me closer to his hotel, but surprised me at the DCA Metro station when we we texting and looked up to find ourselves next to each other! Although I did not gratuate from Crossland as my dad got transferred to Wright Patterson, disappointed to attend my junior and senior years away from my peer group, I was so renewed to reconnect with friends from Camp Springs Elementary, RBT and freshman Crossland classmates! Also happy to see my tomboy neighbor and dear friend Pamela Brown, but missing Bridget Cleary and Joyce Carpenter. Please feel free to contact me at 508-292-8432 to stay in touch...Love!



09/21/21 12:43 PM #98    

Jeff Loren

Hats off to Stand and cheer for Pat O'Connell in appreciation of all his hard work organizing and choreographing last week's events!  Regrettably, Jenn and I had a family obligation back here in Seattle, which meant we couldn't stay for the Thursday dinner, but it was **really** great to reconnect with y'all at the two Happy Hour get-togethers.  

Please, everyone, stay well and safe, and take a few minutes to think about those you care about and those who care about you.  Also, please keep posting your updates here!



09/21/21 06:20 PM #99    

Pamela Brown (Day)

Kudos to Pat O’Connell! And all who helped to make the reunion and gala such a huge success, I Echo Doug Silvern’s message. I had a great time seeing so many dear old (really old!) friends. I didn’t realize that I would be the Floor Show!  Thanks to all who came to my aid. I really felt the Love! I held off posting until I knew  what to say. I have a humeral head fracture, hematoma at my bicep, and strained back.  I don’t need surgery, but have to take it easy and have a lot of physical therapy. Thanks to Joe V, for driving me home. No more “break” dancing for me!




09/22/21 08:06 AM #100    

Carl Marchetti

Due to my COVID concerns, I attended the picnic only and of course I'm glad I did.  Pat and company did a wonderful job and it was great seeing old "chums", especially catching up with RIta Ritner and others on Mr. Rossi's 7th grade CORE class!  There are some things I'll never forget, and that was one of them.  Wish times were different because I certainly would have attended more as I have no exucse living in Annapolis for the past 32 years.  All the best to each of you, and for Dave Fletcher, somehow I lost the napkin of your phone number and address but I haven't been able to get in touch with Eric Olsen recently.  Once I do, I'll send you a note.  Once again Pat, thanks for everything you did, and to my classmates, I wish you the best in everything.

09/22/21 02:05 PM #101    


David Fletcher

My current contact information is up on the website. Anyone of you can feel free to contact me.

Jon Singleton and Billy-mac McGunigal said to say hi!


09/22/21 02:06 PM #102    


David Fletcher

Is there a method/place to upload pictures from the events?

Dave Fletcher


09/23/21 06:11 AM #103    

Michael Parvis


      The way to get photos posted to our CHS 71 website, is to send the photos as an attachment to an email sent to;   Please provide information about the photo,what is the event who in the photo, etc.  Nancy Watson, Class of 72, has graciously helped with our CHS 71 site for many years.



09/23/21 12:06 PM #104    

Virginia Hanning

Pam - I'm glad you updated us on your condition and hopefully you will heal quickly .  Ginger 



09/23/21 08:33 PM #105    

Vikki Young (Hale)

What a fabulous week in Annapolis for our 50th reunion!

This time last week (Thursday morning), eight of us were playing golf at The Preserve at Eisenhower, a short drive from Annapolis. What a picturesque course with rolling hills and NO SAND TRAPS! We were amazed that Rod Smart had a "Twilight Zone" experience when he was assigned cart #71! What are the odds? Team Smart and Team Stanton enjoyed a competitive round and a fun day!

Also this time last Thursday (and after the golf event) my thoughts turned to the gala that would be held that evening at the Fleet Reserve, the last event of a fun-filled week. Could the week have really passed so soon? Two evening socials at the Dark Horse, a picnic at a beautiful park complete with a tasty buffet, a third evening social at the Fleet Reserve and the week was almost over already! I was so looking forward to my dinner selection (crab cake and steak) after having sampled a wonderful lobster roll at a Main Street restaurant the day before, after the harbor cruise.

The gala didn't disappoint, especially since our special guests were Drs. Wheatley and Vest, both of whom were instrumental in our development and education for three years at Crossland. Doug Guinn provided the musical entertainment that brought back so many memories of songs which formed the "soundtrack of our lives". In my opinion, the sixties and seventies were the two best musical decades ever!

Words of wisdom and reflection by Drs. Wheatley and Vest helped us re-capture those years at Crossland, those years that were now in our rear view mirrors. What perspective they brought to us! I felt as if I were at another pep rally, not performing the cheers, shaking the pom poms and singing "Stand and Cheer", but listening to two very wise men who had watched us through different sets of eyes, remind us about having been part of the "golden years" of Crossland. Hindsight is always 20/20, but their memories and words totally validated what I'd known and treasured over the last 50 years: Crossland High School was a very special place for our three years. We were educated, guided and influenced by dedicated and strong faculty members, staff and students. We were a Crossland family full of spirit, competition, caring and camraderie, being prepared for a future which none of us could predict for ourselves. We were challenged and we challenged ourselves and each other as well. We survived and moved forward with our lives, with only faraway dreams of a 50th reunion.

Thank you Drs. Vest and Wheatley for giving us our 50th reunion pep rally and for all that you did for us back then. Thank you for attending our event and reminding us about who we were back then!

Thank you, Doug, for organizing the golf event! Thank you, Rita, for taking photos and being there all week to help. Thank you to the staff members at Dark Horse and the Fleet Reserve for accommodating us, moving tables around and getting loud. Thanks, Mike, and the others who helped with the logistics and details. Thanks to all who attended any and/or all of the events. It was truly wonderful to see everyone!

Most of all, thanks to Pat O'Connell for stepping up to plan, organize and coordinate the week's activities, with the support of his wife (Vicky), all under the threat of the china virus raging during the year. Your graciousness, patience and hospitality will never be forgotten and made for an incredibly successful week!

Our football field said good-bye to us that June day of 1971, our graduation day. I recall there being 776 of us who had "come together" for three years and said good-bye that day, spreading out in all directions to live our lives. I wish we all could've made it to our 50th reunion. To our fallen Cavaliers, we miss you. "Crossland's sons and daughters, children of the free, proudly face(d) the challenge of our destiny." Here we are, fifty years later. What a ride! Best of luck to everyone!  

How about a 51st reunion? I know where there's a fine golf course, a neat Dark Horse place, a fun boat ride, a tasty lobster roll, a beautiful Fleet Reserve - all in a quaint and special place called Annapolis!

Vikki Young Hale



10/14/21 06:29 PM #106    

Sandra Kennedy (Shaffner)

Folks, I had a great time at the reunion, especially because I love to Dance and I am an extrovert and loved being with people.  

Some of you might have seen me upset and crying.  Since July, my husband Jim has been in Hospice.  He has a neurological disease that they have not been able to diagnosis.  He hasn't walked for 2 years and is aspirating.

The Monday after the reunion I had a small non-aggressive breast cancer tumor removed.  Today I found out that I do not have to have Chemotherapy.  I am so relieved . 

It was a wonderful event!  Take care and may God less you!

Sandy Kennedy Shaffner





10/15/21 12:38 PM #107    

Rita Ritner

Dear Sandra,

I'm so sorry to hear your husband isn't well, and that you had a recent issue yourself. Thank God you don't have to have chemotherapy.  Even with everything going on, I'm glad you came to the reunion and enjoyed yourself. It was great to see you!  I'm sending up a prayer that they will discover the cause of your husband's ailment, and will be able to treat it. Please take care, Rita



10/15/21 05:20 PM #108    


Sharon Eanes (Pearce)


If you need to get out and go to lunch just to talk, please let me know.  I live in Prince Frederick (Oakland Hall housing development) and can meet you somewhere.  My husband and I are camping through October 23rd, but after that I'm sure I can meet up with you.

Hugs, Sharon Eanes Pearce




10/18/21 04:18 PM #109    


Linda Mott-Smith

It was a pleasure to get together with you during the reunion Sandra! So happy that all went well with your biopsy, but sorry to hear of your husband's continuing condition. Feel free to call me if you need some cheer as you know that I understand how difficult it is to be a caregiverđź’•


10/19/21 04:59 PM #110    


David Fletcher

I was wondering if anyone taped the wonderful speach by Dr Vest. I woiuld love to have a copy of it!


11/19/21 02:57 PM #111    

Douglas Silvern

Hello Crossland classmates: Pretty quiet on here. Hope you all Have a safe, enjoyable and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday from the  Silvern Family.

PS: ideas are coming out for a 51 year get together. I'm trying to put together a survey to get best venue and recreational options plus golf.


11/20/21 03:00 AM #112    


Linda Mott-Smith

In touch with Doug about options that would include golf and suggested a destination vacation reunion on Martha's Vineyard. We have three golf clubs here and numerous beaches plus spa options. As the onsite manager of an event facility I could do a discounted rate for whatever size group to host. We could do a catered event or BYO food and drink at a venue with a waterview.

12/23/21 10:39 AM #113    

Douglas Silvern

May you all have a glorious and festive Holiday Season with your family and loved ones.  Blessings to you . Let's be thankful for all we have been given.  Hope to see many of you in 2022. Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas.  

Be well and stay safe

Doug & Sheryl Silvern

12/24/21 10:58 AM #114    


Kenneth (Ken) Polky

Have a blessed holiday!

12/24/21 11:15 AM #115    

Robert Williams (Williams)

Same to you and yours, my friend!

12/24/21 04:05 PM #116    


David Fletcher

Ah yes! And it's a time to be merry again!

So everyone should have a Happy Happy and a Merry Merry!

Love to all!


12/24/21 04:08 PM #117    


Sharon Eanes (Pearce)

Thank you Doug and Sheryl,  Merry Christmas!  We have been blessed beyond measure.  So thankful!  Stay safe and healthy in 2022!

Sharon Pearce

12/25/21 12:07 PM #118    

Pamela Brown (Day)

Thank you for the heartfelt greetings of the season! Wishing all my classmates a wonderful holiday and happy new year. Update to my fractured shoulder--I fell and broke my wrist in November and had surgery to repair it. I am back to square one with physical therapy for the next few months. But I will get there! If you are in Alexandria, come back the Torpedo Factory and see my show  in Studio 14.


12/25/21 03:56 PM #119    

Rita Ritner

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas today, and a happy, healthy 2022!! I'm already looking forward to our 2022 reunion! Hope to see you all there! And to Pam, please take care of yourself, I'll be keeping your recovery in my prayers. 🙏   I used to love the Torpedo Factory! Do you have a website?
Ciao y'all!



12/25/21 11:39 PM #120    


Linda Mott-Smith

Merry Christmas to my Crossland HS family and I am feeling blessed to be back in touch with my peer group after being out of touch for so many years. I truly feel that we are a special and youthful vintage of what I call the "Babes of 53".

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