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03/01/23 05:52 PM #172    

Ronald Roys

Linda and all

How about tomorrow night at Ada's on the river in Alexandria. It's right down the street where you are staying Linda and it's right down the block from me where I live. Michele my wife will be joining us as well. Let me know as I'll need to make reservations.


Ron Roys


03/12/23 12:24 PM #173    

Douglas Silvern

Greeting Classmates, Friends, and Family members,

We are so thankful for the kindness many of you express towards each other. We see warmth, joy, and exuberance when we get together informally, or even communicate in some fashion.   Connection is vitally important to everyone, and not just family, especially as we age gracefully.  While you might not think it is appreciated, it really is.  Even as years pass between us, we are increasingly significant to each other.

This is the year of our individual Platinum celebrations. If we can be a part of yours, please reach out and let us know.

In the beginning of this landmark year a committee convened to plan an event in commemoration of our 52nd year since graduating from CHS.  The last two years we partied in Maryland. We felt this year a destination in nearby Virginia would be a good option for activities. We have selected a site also convenient for out-of-town travelers.


Please save the Date: September 26-28, 2023. Destination: Historic Leesburg, Virginia.  The land of rolling hills, parks, vineyards and horse farms.

We are planning Happy Hours, Dinners, golf, a winery visit for tasting and other pleasant gathering opportunities at some wonderful venues.  We are hoping many of you can join us for this celebration. More details to follow.


If you feel you can join us for at least one event during September 26-28, 2023

Please respond for planning purposes to:


Year 52 event planning committee: Pat (Hankins) Fink, Debbie Dougherty (Hannon), Angie Neel, Tom Urman, Dave Fletcher, Doug Silvern

03/13/23 09:52 AM #174    


Sharon Eanes (Pearce)

There is a great restaurant in Leesburg called Light Foot, it may be one word.  Ingrid, the chef and owner, began her career with baking pies.  Her mother worked at the law firm where I worked and she would sell her pies to us around Christmas and Thanksgiving.  They were the best!  Now she is a very accomplished Chef. Check it out!

03/26/23 01:06 PM #175    

Douglas Silvern

CHS classmates and friends, Happy March 26th,  Spring weather is coming in soon to the Mid Atlantic.

The CHS #52 event planning committee wants to send you our regards. We are busy making plans for the class activity in late September, and are hoping you are saving some time to come join us. Leesburg, Va. has a lot of interesting and fun  venues where we can  meet and share.  I know there is a lot to share because when Deb and Angie get together it is hard to keep them on task for planning.  But I enjoy every moment of it.  Please take two minutes to get in touch with Deb or Angie to say hello and tell them you are interested in coming to an activity.  We should have most of the details ready for your planning to join us by Mid April. We still need to confirm a Winery for tasting and a couple other evening venues.  Did you know 62 classmates live in Va?

Pat, Deb, Angie, Tom, Doug 

Angie Neel

Debbie Dougherty (Hannon)

PS: Mike Parvis is having a bowling party fundraiser in Crofton, Md April 2 @ 1:00 pm.

There are a few of us getting together to support the cause. If you are in the area get in touch with Mike 

301 789-7781 or 410 721 6977

04/03/23 05:40 PM #176    

Douglas Silvern

Just for  fund raising. Had a blast with these folks at Crofton Bowling Center on Palm Sunday . See if you recognize any of them. We had to numb the pain.  Mike P did it again. With the help of 125 of his friends  and aquaintances

he coordinated single handed   a huge contribution to the Bowie MD Food Bank.  Way to go Mike.


04/11/23 01:30 PM #177    

Douglas Silvern

Classmates, one possible venue. Your #52 planning committee (minus Pat Fink) hard at work at Clydes- Willow Creek, Ashburn VA.  Pat was not able to fly up from Ga this time. 

05/05/23 04:36 PM #178    

Rob Zidek

With deepest sadness, I am passing the news that my – and several of your – very close friend, John Sauer, passed away Tuesday morning, May 2nd. I just spoke with his wife, Carolyn, who told me he passed suddenly and quietly, presumably from a heart attack.

Services will be held at Raymond Funeral Services in La Plata on Thursday, May 11th at 11:00 am. Here is a link to the obituary:!/Obituary

Throughout every cherished moment of our 60+ years of friendship, I fondly remember John's kindness, his generosity, his great sense of humor, and his love of people.

I pray for Peace for Carolyn, John's childeren and grandchildren, and all of us who share their grief.

Rest in Peace my Friend!

05/06/23 03:38 PM #179    


David Fletcher

I knew John back in the day. He, Paul Thompson, Tim Collins, Fran Larson  and I ran together.

He was a good friend and I will miss him. Please pass my condolences on to everyone that was in his circle of family and friends and know that my life has been diminished by his loss.

Love tp all.

Dave Fletcher

07/17/23 10:31 AM #180    

Douglas Silvern

Greetings Class of '71, friends and family.  Hope everyone is well and  enjoying this magnificient summer .  It is 71 days away from our planned event for  #52.  As you know the days pass by very quickly. The event will be here before you realize it. To see the details, click on the the 2023 52nd Reunion in the vertcial menu to the left   If you are planning to attend, please let us know.  Print the RSVP form and send it to me, or if you prefer,  one of the other folks on the planning committee. My address and contact information is on the form.  Let us know what events or venues you plan to attend, and celebrate with us as we need to prepare.

Mike Pavis is assisting me with the golf outing on Wednesday , September 27th.   Let us know if you are planning to participate, so we can set up forsomes and tee times at the golf course.  Mike's contact, if you wish to contact him directly is 301 789 7781 or 410 721 6777,

The committee worked hard to plan this at the request of many of you after last year's event. We selected some relaxing and interesting venues we can all enjoy sharing together. We hope to see you in Leesburg, VA . in September.  If you have questions feel free to reach out.



07/23/23 07:17 PM #181    


David Fletcher

From Bobby Goldenberg's facebook page:

Copy and past the entire link. He's playing drums on this.

08/07/23 10:59 AM #182    

Douglas Silvern

Class of '71  If making reservations at the Homewood suites for our September event  9-26 to 9-28 for the block of rooms reserved for us , use the code


08/09/23 09:28 PM #183    

Douglas Silvern

What a great day trip to Happy Harbor in Deale, Md.  a few Cavaliers,  friends and spouses decided they had time to join the fun.  Glad they did, it was a day that made my heart happy.  I hope more of you decide to join us in Leesburg Va for the Event in September. 

09/04/23 12:29 PM #184    

Douglas Silvern

Class of '71  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day Holiday.  The Summer is quickly coming to an end. The days are still warm in Maryland,  but the evenings are cooling down nicely. As many of you know there is a get together planned for 9/26-9/28 in Leesburg Va. Info for the event is posted on the menu 2023 52nd Reunion.  We have to notify the venues of #'s that we will be participating very soon.  If you have not contacted the committee or myself of your attendance at any of the venues please do so ASAP.  

I am very excited for the folks that have chosen to particpate.  We always seem to have a fabulous time when we convene, as seen in the pictures posted for all of our recent events.  If you have not participated in any of the recent events, I wish you would please consider coming out to Leesburg this Fall. 

I pray for everyones health and safety,

warmest regards




10/01/23 12:47 PM #185    

Douglas Silvern

Take aways from CHS #52 event in the quaint town of Leesburg VA.
First, I want to thank everyone that was able to participate. From the informal feedback received it was a phenomenal event full of love and Joy.
I also want to praise the work, energy, and resources the Planning Committee (Deb Hannon, Angie and Dave Neel, Tom Urman, Pat Hankins Fink and Mike Parvis put into making this run as smoothly as it did.
The Delirium Café welcomed us Tuesday afternoon with a Belgian Theme of great drinks, interesting food options and pink elephants. Wednesday morning the skies cleared, and several of us checked in at Raspberry Plains golf resort. Perfect weather and even better personalities in our class made for a most enjoyable golf outing.
The party continued at the Leesburg Public House which offered a beautiful setting of reclaimed woods, antique and local art. The owners Mark and Kim helped us celebrate a great 70th birthday in our own space in the restaurant. Deb Hannon brought in a beautiful birthday sheet cake that made the evening so sweet, memorable, and delicious.
Thursday morning welcomed us with more sunshine and a scrumptious brunch at Shoe’s Cup and Cork. If you get to Leesburg, I highly recommend it. We dined in their secret garden area in the rear outside of the restaurant. It was spacious and nicely decorated. That time passed quickly, and the Three Creeks Winery was expecting our arrival. We started with an excellent tasting in their elegant tasting area, and then spent the rest of the hours snacking and sipping wine by the shady creek side overlooking rolling hills, and expansive vineyards. The weather was exceptional. We couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed, and we needed to get ready for our culminating gathering.
Firebirds Happy Hour and dining offered us outdoor seating, but the group chose to enjoy the indoor atmosphere. I understand the restaurant’s popularity as the food choices for happy hour and menu options are palatable. The largest group so far celebrated in the liveliness of the Firebird décor. The restaurant was abuzz. An exquisitely made lemon flavored sheet cake with butter creme icing was offered as dessert (brought in by Deb). Decorated with a Cavalier decal, it finished the evening off in great fashion. Not a piece was left.
With departing hugs and affections, the celebration ended. Talk of continuing the gatherings transpired. There were discussions of pool parties, lunch and informal get togethers throughout the remainder of this year and next. For most of us, next year, the Class of ‘71 turns 71. I hope we do not just fade away quietly. That is not the group I remember from 1969-71. I hope that classmates that have been unavailable make a comeback, and the folks who have been participating keep up a strong presence.
Thanks again classmates and friends, GOD bless you all.
Have a wonderful remainder of 2023.
Happy 70th, and I look forward to seeing many of you again soon.
Enjoy the pics from the event.

10/02/23 05:23 PM #186    

Rita Ritner

Dear Friends,  What a lovely time we had at our 52nd Reunion, or as I Ike to call it, "Gathering of Friends!!"  Thank you Doug, Angie & Dave, Debbie, Tom, Mike and Pat for putting it all together for us!  The venues were great and the fellowship fabulous, as was the weather!  We were so lucky!  To all of our classmates that weren't able to make it....I'm sorry you missed it, maybe next time!   Hugs & blessings to all!  Rita Ritner




10/15/23 03:50 PM #187    

Douglas Silvern

Hello CHS Friends, The end of the year is quickly approaching and many of you will be extremely busy by the Dawn of Thanksgiving through the remainder of 2023. That's why I thought November 9th might work to have an end of year lunch.

All American Steakhouse & Sports Theatre in Waldorf Md, was suggested and seemed like a good comfort food option for lunch.  We can recap the year as most of us have joined the '70 club.  Can we look at 12:30 pm or 1230 hrs?    Don't feel you have to RSVP unless you just want to say hi,  as I don't think it will be too busy on Thursday lunch time to accommodate  us
Hope to see many of you there.

11/11/23 01:05 PM #188    

Douglas Silvern

11/9 at All American Steakhouse and Sports Theatre

Traveling down Rt 5 to Waldorf from 495 was a much different experience than it was 50 years ago.

It seems as congested as some of the byways on Staten Island or even Manhattan N.Y.

 It didn’t matter, the journey was worth it.  As expected, the restaurant was not crowded on an exquisite

Thursday afternoon.

Entering the restaurant and turning the corner to the casual seating, my view captured a group of people

that brought an immediate smile to my face.  The food options were many, the selections we had were

tasty, but the friendship and comradery was even better. The entertaining and jubilant conversations

were unending.

I want to thank everyone that took time out of their day to join us.

The time from 12:30-3:00 pm passed as quickly as an arrow to its target, and the time I spend

with my classmates and friends is priceless. 

If you let this event pass you by, don’t despair, there are more opportunities coming soon.

Joseph Volonakis’ birthday party is happening again in Wash DC the end of December.  There is

discussion of a gathering in Alexandria, Va.  at the Torpedo Factory in January 2024 for a Pam Day Brown

art exhibit, and there is a good possibility of a pool party at the Denton’s early summer.

Will there be an event planned for September 2024?  I think there is a good chance.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and a very special winter season, however you celebrate it.

The class of ’71 turns 71 in 2024.

Stay well and safe.


The above pic looks like this group is planning a heist. The masterminds are in the middle of the table.

12/14/23 08:27 PM #189    

Douglas Silvern

Hello Classmates, Spouces and Friends, Wrapping up Hannukah at the Silvern House with a big plate of Latkas.  This is such an exciting time of year for most of us as we celebrate with our  family traditions we have learned and passed on or developed our own  over the past 50 yrs.   Most of us have reached the 70 year mark and have celebrated in many ways. Mine was held at a stadium.  Not that I needed that much room, just happened to work out that way this year.  A few of you have late year birthdays and are celebrating this month. Whether it was earlier in the year or during this holiday season, congrats to you all.  Unfortunately at this age we are saying goodbye to more of our classmates and this saddens  me.  

There is an opportunity for those of you in the DMV area to rejoice together before the turning of the calender,

Sunday 12/24 is Joe Volenakis' birthday and he is having a party, as he has  had  traditionally, in DC.  Everyone is invited. I think of it as a Christmas Eve party.    The location is Tunnicliff's Tavern,  222 7th Street SE DC.  time from 12 pm-8 pm.   Last year was bitter cold and I had to bow out. This year the weather prediciton so far looks moderate for late December.  If you are in the area and can come on over for an hour or two that would be equisite. Most likely I'll go over between 1-3 PM. if you can make it, come on by, Joe or I will buy you a drink.

The most joyous holiday celebration to you all.  Please stay as safe and as  healthy as possible. I miss reconnecting with  many of you.  Hope to see you in 2024, when the Class of '71 tunrs 71.

Warmest regards,





01/30/24 10:54 PM #190    

Douglas Silvern

 On january 25,2024 a few of us  met the Torpedo Factory to celebrate the  class of '71 birthdays for the begining of 2024. Pam's life's  work is wonderful.  Lunch at Chadwick's in Old Town Alex. was exceptional. The cake was excellent, wish more of you joined us, we would have had a bigger cake.  2024 the class of '71 turns 71.  Thinking next gathering will be in N Arlington Va at Celebrity Deli in March. stay tuned and Happy Birthday

Left to Right: Doug Silvern, Tom Urman, Debra Hannon Dougherty, Pam Day. Brown, Dave and Angie Neel

02/28/24 09:28 PM #191    


David Fletcher

Some thought is being given to getting together in September to see one another again. Please let Doug Sivern know if you are interested.

Dave Fletcher

03/21/24 07:18 PM #192    

Douglas Silvern

Spring Birthday Celebration for class of  '71. Just enough cake for those that attended. Will be more next celebration in June 2024 for the Summer Birthday Celebration (no one looks 71). Hope to see some of you This Sunday,  Palm Sunday at Crofton Bowling Center 12:30 -4:00 Mike P's bowling party.



03/21/24 07:36 PM #193    

Douglas Silvern


Couldn't resist throwing this on here.  P.O. BA Leprechaun with beautiful escort


03/25/24 11:24 AM #194    

Douglas Silvern

Many Thanks and Appreciation for all who came and those who bowled at yesterday 3/24/2024, Bowling event. 
The Bowie Interfaith Recreational Council (BIRC), a collection of churches, Congregations and Synagogues in Bowie MD,  register and pay $35 to bowl 3 games, have lunch  and make a donation to the Bowie Food Pantry. This year we had about 80 people come out and raised $1516.23 and had 7 cases of canned goods donated.
         The picture is of approx.15 CHS alumni and friends gathered in the Crofton Bowling Center bar for some adult beverages and talk. Shown are George & Carol Owens, Carey & Mary Beth Fisher, Chaz & Kelly White, Pam & Scott Casto, Tony Gramsky, Debbie Hannon, Cathy Holson, Mindy Gardener, and Mike Parvis.. Not shown are Tina Thoman, Anne Partello, Terry Wright, Calvin White (Doug Silvern took the picture, as good a photography, as I am a bowler)
Mike Parvis

03/25/24 01:50 PM #195    

Scott Ciley ('72)

Thanks Doug and Mike.

It's nice to hear about get togethers and then, not only to get pix but to have the names associated. I hate to say this, but some of us don't look like we did 50 or so years ago. The pix become so much more meaningful when someone takes the time, like you di, to add them.

04/20/24 02:00 AM #196    

Jeff Loren

well I managed to miss the message traffic about the meetups earlier this year, which is a bit of a bummer because I was actually in the DC area in late Jan

and with that said, I expect to be attending an Air Force Studies Board meeting on Tues 6/25, so there's a definite possibility that I can stretch the trip a couple days and come down to Deale on Thurs 6/27 (even though it's supposedly to celebrate Apr/May/Jun birthdays and mine is in July 🤓 )



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