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03/28/11 12:59 PM #1    

Michael Parvis

Jack was a great teammate, classmate and friend.  I still remember at our CHS football pratices as planes would go over from Andrews, Jack would always look up and tell what type of plane it was and maybe some history.  After High School he become one of the youngest commerical pilots for one of the major airlines. Jack was a very good kicker for our CHS 71 team and won at least one game on his field goals. Everybody liked Jack, I really don't remember him being in a bad mood or cross with anyone.

  Jack attended the CHS 25th reunion and soon after that passed away in 1996...way too soon! Jack loved Crossland High School and the 1971 alumni. We still miss Jack with his gentle spirit and laughter.

04/13/11 05:47 PM #2    

Michael Pinkerton

I knew Jack since elementary school and he truly was one of the easiest going fellows you would ever meet.  I remember the day he took me up in one of the smaller planes so he could get some practice (logging flight time).  When he did those sharp banking maneuvers, the passenger side wing was pointing straight down at Indian Head Highway.  I pleaded with him not to do that anymore and he went fairly easy on me after that.  Jack was a great guy and it was sad to hear of his passing.  

04/23/11 04:39 PM #3    

Jimmy Epps

I saw Jack for the last time at the 25th reunion.  He was the same ole Jack...smiling, friendly, happy.  Billy Hartman and I were going to get together with him on one of his layovers in Baltimore.  Two weeks after the reunion, Jack was gone.  Vikki Young had taken pictures at the reunion and there was a good one with all of the football players that she could round up at the time.  She sent us each a picture and I thank Vikki for that.  I still have that picture and it sits on a shelf behind my bar.

Some may remember this story, but Jack was getting ready to kick a field goal once and the hike was bad or something and he bobbled it and had to scramble and ended up getting creamed by the defense.  All you could hear was Jack screaming, "I can't see, I can't see!"  Well, when the pile finally cleared, there was Jack and his helmet had spun around on his head and his nose was sticking out of the ear hole.  No wonder he couldn't see.  Someone finally got him up and fixed his helmet, but all of us were laughing at that point.  Jack laughed with us as well.  Jack was a great guy.

05/06/11 01:30 PM #4    

John Carmichael

I played football with Jack at Crossland. He went to Salisbury State College (now Salisbury University) and continued to kick for them.  I went to Towson State College (now Towson Universty) and I played football there.  We played each other and I remember blocking one of his field goals near the end of the game.  He told me after the game that he waited for me so I could block it.

Second thing I will never forget. As a federal agent, working in Baltimore in 1978, I had been looking for a fugitive for over a year all over the country. I found out he was taking a plane from Philadelphia to Baltimore and met the plane on the tarmac to arrest the guy as he deplaned. It was a smaller plane, so all passengers had to walk down the stairs and walk a short distance to the terminal. As the plane pulled up I looked up and guess who the pilot was,  yes, Jack Young.

Jack was a great guy, loved to drive racecars and was extremely popular in school. He will always be missed.


05/22/11 12:33 PM #5    

Kevin Roderick

I first met Jack in gym class. He was a positive force and I was always glad to be on the same team. We struck up a friendship and realized we shared a common interest, flying. Mine was a casual one, Jack's was a passion. He persued flying flat out. It was what he was going to do with his life, no ifs, ands, or buts. We stayed in touch after graduation. As Jack climbed the avation ladder through various jobs he called me one day to ask if I wanted to fly with him on the corporate plane he was flying at the time. WELL YEAH ! It was such a great experience it made me more serious about aviation and as an end result I too have enjoyed a career as a pilot.

     That was Jack, always willing to help and loving life. To have lost him at such a young age is a travisty. I guess God must have needed a really good pilot. You are missed my friend.

04/08/13 04:54 PM #6    

Vikki Young (Hale)

Jack was like the big brother I never had.  We had the same last name so we were in Mr. Rogerson's homeroom every day for three years and had Crossland spirit and athletics in common as well.  Jack always had a ready smile, was diplomatic and so easy going!  He was like an old soul.  It was wonderful to see him at the 25th reunion and revisit old Crossland memories, so how shocking was it to get a phone call a few weeks after the reunion with the news that Jack had passed away?  It was so sad, but then I remembered how much he'd enjoyed life, how happy he seemed to be - and I smiled, remembering a special friend who always treated me like his little sister.

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