NEW:2018 Golf Benefit


            As we all are getting to the age where we have more years behind us then in front of us, come and get together with some friends from years ago. Spend a day enjoying friends, food (beverages) and fun at this year's CHS Alumni Golf Benefit. This year’s CHS Alumni Golf Benefit will be held on Monday June 18 at the Bowie Golf Course in Bowie, Maryland ( ). We expect to have the same 50 people that we had last year plus some old and new faces. Dave Sills and his wife Pam, Rod Smart, Doug Silvern, Dottie Crisp, Dave Simmonds, Thersa Faw, Tom Urman, Joel Solberg, George Owens, Scott Casto, Anne Connelly, Kay Manion,Tony Gramsky, Chaz While,Tina Thoman, Kay Mannion, Dave Johnson, Larry Parvis, Kevin Roderick Kelly Catterton, Gary McCollum, Gary Pashkevifh, Scott Pashkevich, Willy Grusholt, Pat Hankins, Mike Merritts, Dave Stout, Ray Allwine and John Allwine all came out for last years ev ent. Come on out and be a part of this event, send an email to the site adminstrator for details if interested in playing ($100 for golf or $30 for lunch). 


Click here for the photos from last year