2022 Reunion Exit Survey

Flip Flops and Wine Exit Survey 

We want to thank all who attended this year's events.  All indications are that attendees had a great time socializing and getting caught up with fellow classmates. We need your help to make future events successful.  Below are several questions to collect data for planning upcoming events.

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1)   * Did you attend Flip Flops and Wine event?

Yes No
2)   * What events did you attend?

  Not Applicable - did not attend
  Wednesday Boat Ride
  Wednesday Pavilion Party Herrington on the Bay
  Thursday Golf Tournament
  Thursday dinner
  Friday Breakfast
3)   Would you have preferred a different location? What, where, why?

4)   Was the time of year an issue? If so, what is your preference for future gatherings?

5)   If you did attend, what could have improved your experience?

6)   Please provide any other general or specific comments about this year's reunion... the venues, the events, schedule, etc.

7)   What are your suggestions for our next gathering? Should we continue yearly gatherings?

8)   Are you willing to be on the committee to plan our next event?

Yes No
“many hands makes for light work” as they say. There are some less demanding tasks such as setup/decorating, greeting attendees, etc. where additional help makes a big difference
9)   If you are willing to help, please provide your contact information...name, email, phone.

This survey ended on 10/10/2022.